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The wonderful German city of Konstanz lies between the Upper Lake and Lower Lake of Lake Constance, close to the border to Switzerland. Konstanz offers many attractions to its guests. The most important area to visit is the old historical city. The biggest part of the old city is a car-free zone, so you can admire the old town gates and residential towers without disruptions from automobiles.

Besids thee impressive churches, Konstanz has a harbour with the famous Imperial statue right at the entrance. From the harbour you can reach many interesting destination all around Lake Konstanz easily. Some great places to go are the Flowering Island Mainau, Meersburg, Überlingen, Friedrichshafen, and Landau.

The city of Konstanz is the best place to start a trip around Lake Konstanz. There are town guides that can give you a specialzed tour of the city catered to your wishes and needs. has always an answer to your question "Where should I find a cheap place to stay in Constance?". Come enjoy the relaxed beauty of the Lake Konstanz region.

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Konstanz sightseeing

In the harbor of Konstanz you are welcomed by the Imperia. The 9-metre-high sculpture stands on a base of an old lighthouse and turns around its own axis. A rotation takes 3 minutes. The arms of the woman are spread out, and the hands carry two comic figures which represent the emperor and the pope. The statue was created 1993 by the sculptor Peter Lenk. He was inspired by a story of Honore de Balzac named "The Fair Imperia" about a courtesan Imperia and the times of the Council of Konstanz (1414 - 1418).
"Flowering Island" Mainau
The island Mainau is a very popular destination in the northwest part of Lake Konstanz. Because of the impressive flower arrangements in the castle park Mainau is called the "flowering island". Enjoy the breathtaking tree and flower paradise. Search an offer on to easily find cheap accommodations near Lake Konstanz.
Cathedral of Konstanz
In the historical city centre of Konstanz rises the cathedral. The Cathedral of Konstanz was established in 1052 and is situated on the place of a former bishop's church from the 8th century. Over the years it was enriched by various enlargements in the gothic, baroque and neo-gothic style. One has a marvellous panorama over the town and the surrounding Lake of Konstanz from the 76-metre-high Cathedral tower.
Sea Life Center
In the Sea Life Center Konstanz you can experience the underwater world. You may follow the run of the Rhine, from the glaciers in the Alps over Lake Konstanz to the place where the Rhine finally flows into the North Sea. Beside their charm for visitors the aquariums also have a high scientific importance. The research here helps us to better understand and protect the oceans together with their inhabitants.
Seenachtfest (Lake's Night Party)
Every year in August Konstanz celebrates the "Lake's Night Party" - the biggest public festival in the region. From year to year the festival attracts thousands of vacationers. The events and parties on the promenade begin already in the early afternoon. Nevertheless, the culmination is the colorful lake firework in the late evening, one of the biggest fireworks in Europe. You will never forget the unique spectacle of lights . The accommodation service Konstanz will help you to find a suitable place to stay. You are welcome to the "Lake's Night Party" in Konstanz.